I have been working on several projects since I started developing websites. Other than my professional work, I also took upon some projects myself because I wanted to try new technologies. Here are a few examples I would like to share:

1. Responsive layout for the company website

One of my earliest and largest projects. I went through all public templates and used Bootstrap 3 to add responsiveness and improve the UI/UX. I enjoyed the learning process and got a good grasp of designing good looking yet well performing web pages.

The website then
link to old template
The website now
link to new template

The success I got from this project lead to many similar tasks for other legacy sites.

2. Student monitoring system

Since high school I have been working at a local math learning centre. I started coding a time tracking system in C++ to help manage the student flow. It has now evolved to a complex system with many componants that the centre rely on heavily.

This web app is maintained by myself and it is kind of my playground to experiment new things and to practice my skills. I apply upgrades and restructure my code anytime I learn about new preferred method or improvments.

I have also played with node.js to handle chat and synchronization between computers and tablets.

Some screenshots of the program

Backend tools

Performance Analysis

3. New website for AAU

Amateur Athletic Union is the largest amateur sports organization based in the United States. I was assigned to apply the new responsive design with some creation of backend cms tools.

The website is not fully launched yet but here is a sneak peek: link to new template.

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